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Our mission is to help you live a happier, healthier and more successful life.

About the Oka app

Unlock your full potential with Oka​

Achieve your personal and professional goals with Oka.

Oka is based on a unique combination of psychology, technology and meaningful human connection. Helping you to:

  • Find the ideal partner or mentor to support and empower you
  • Understand your personality and values
  • Get under the skin of what matters most
  • Use psychological approaches to achieve your goals
  • Discover which approaches work when and which don’t

Oka Mobile App

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Join the Oka community today and access a wealth of knowledge and support. If you don’t want to go it alone Oka will match you to your ideal partner, guiding them in how to guide you.

Benefits of Oka

Oka combines technology and human connection on the journey to achieving your goals.

Improved mental health

Oka draws on extensive scientific research and years of practical experience in psychology. The tools and approaches are tried and tested helping you to improve your wellbeing.

Increased performance

Oka’s unique blend of human connection, technology and understanding or your psychology allows you to unlock your full potential.

Change that lasts

Oka offers guidance on every step of your journey. By helping you to tap into your deeper motivations Oka helps you break out of old habits and build new ways of thinking.

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