Fulfilling Your Potential

The Oka App

Achieve your personal and professional goals with Oka, helping you to live a more successful, healthy and happy life.

Oka is a platform based on a unique combination of psychology, technology and human connection.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Carl Jung

The Oka Platform

Oka helps you to identify and achieve your goals, understanding how they fit into the bigger picture of your story now and into the future.. We help you to unlock your greatest potential, making the path to success easier, faster and more enjoyable.

We recognise that technology alone cannot meet all of your needs. So, Oka delivers the perfect combination of digital and guided human connection (providing the belief, support & guidance that only another human can offer).

That human connection doesn’t need to be with an expert, a psychologist or a coach. We either match you with a mentor who fits with your needs (based on our psychologically informed algorithm) or guide someone you already know in how to help you.

Expertise You Can Trust

Oka is underpinned by world leading expertise in psychology, providing tools and approaches that we know work, delivered in a useable & accessible way, anywhere, anytime, for anyone. 

We have unique IP which will guide your personal exploration, match you with the right person, guide whoever is helping you (based on an understanding of your relationship dynamic and needs) and provide you with a personalised (and psychologically informed) Oka bot who is there for you around the clock.

We’ve even written books on this topic, Mirror Thinking – How Role Models Make Us Human and Defining You – How to Profile Yourself and Unlock Your True Potential. Oka allows you to access those insights in a manner bespoke to you – all from a single app.

The Benefits of Oka

At Oka we help you to find the right support, to explore and understand your needs and to drive behaviour change that takes you in the direction that’s most helpful for you in the context of your overall life.

Find Your Match

Oka connect you with the right person to help you. That could be someone you know or someone you don’t. Either way Oka will guide them in how to guide you.

Understand You

Oka helps you to learn more about yourself and how to thrive, from the inside (your brain and emotions) out (your social environment and context), starting with your personality. 

Drive Behaviour Change That Lasts

Oka provides ongoing digital guidance and support, aided by personalised psychological approaches, helping you how you need it, when you need it most.

What’s Your Story?

We can sometimes struggle with knowing what matters most to us, how to go after it once we know and how to keep going when the going gets tough.

Oka helps you to understand your ‘why’ within the context of your story, making sense of what you want to achieve and how to do it.

Oka guides you on life’s journey, helping your story to evolve as you do, pulling you back on track when you stray and encouraging you to grow when you’re in danger of stagnating.

Oka learns you, as you learn you meaning it becomes a companion for life.

Available to both Organisations and Individuals

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